Super Bowl XLIX Has Generated Record Breaking Tweets & Most Watched Show in U.S. History

Posted: February 4, 2015 in american football, BUSINESS, latest player news, NFL, sports
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Welcome once again in Super Bowl XLIX latest news 2015 with Bruno Boys Fantasy Football! Finally, we have got our new Super Bowl League Champions, the New England Patriots who have defeated the continuous heart winners Seattle Seahawks with a dramatic 10-points achievement in the last minutes. The whole tournament was filled with lots of excitement, thrill, and adventure, as it seems hard to decide one winner is a tough edge finale.

Super Bowl XLIX Champions 2015

                 Super Bowl XLIX Champions 2015

Still, the Patriots managed to clinch the title for this year NFL Super Bowl Champions, and the last played game is ended on a very high node, which has shown an immense rise in the fantasies among the fans. Here are some headlines that hit hard with the end of this season. Also, have a look at the Super Bowl XLIX Video

NFL Super Bowl XLIX- A most Watched Show in U.S. Television History

The NFL Super Bowl XLIX 2015 has created a new history in the U.S. Television industry by becoming a most watched show ever. The fantasies of people in America had broken all the records of watching a television show, when the viewership peaked at 114.4 million, during the final showdown.

Here are the numbers, courtesy of NBC Sports:

  • 114.4 Million – Super Bowl XLIX, NBC  (Feb. 2015)
  • 112.2 Million – Super Bowl XLIVIII, FOX (Feb. 2014)
  • 111.3 Million – Super Bowl XLVI, NBC (Feb. 2012)
  • 111.0 Million – Super Bowl XLV, FOX (Feb. 2011)
  • 108.7 Million – Super Bowl XLVII, CBS (Feb. 2013)
  • 106.5 Million – Super Bowl XLIV, CBS (Feb. 2010)
  • 98.7 Million – Super Bowl XLIII, NBC (Feb. 2009)
New England Patriots - Super Bowl XLIX Winner

New England Patriots – Super Bowl XLIX Winner

Live Telecast of NFL Super Bowl XLIX Has generated Record Breaking Tweets

The last moment interception of Malcolm Butler from Russell Wilson’s pass with the remaining 20 seconds has created 395,000 tweets per minute on the Twitter, according to the Twitter officials. And, around 379,000 tweets were recorded on the average per minute when the Pats win the final showdown. However, in all the live telecast of NFL Super Bowl has created a new history everywhere.

New England Patriots Vs Seahawks

New England Patriots Vs Seahawks

Thus, for more information and the latest updates about the NFL League, stay connected and stay updated with Bruno Boys!


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