Bruno Boys is a leading online portal that provides you with the NFL latest news 2015 and updates about the fantasy football matches and your favorite players. Now, you will not miss any single news about fantasy football matches and players as well. Just browse through the site to get all the latest news, scores, and updates about the different teams with Bruno Boys. Renowned football players looking for jobs The most recent update about fantasy football is the renowned NFL players like Michael Crabtree, Jake Long, Hakeem Nicks and Dwight Freeney are still searching for some good jobs to earn their livelihood. They are not at all satisfied with their career in football.

Bruno Boys Fantasy Football

     Bruno Boys Fantasy Football

Michael Sam is very much confident about his future Sam said,” I did the best I can, I did just as good if not better than the other guys here, so I’m pretty confident”. He has not played football matches since the end of October, but now he is again ready to give his best. He will join CFL if he won’t get any call from the NFL. Michael Sam is Very Much Confident to His Future Adam Carriker ready to play fantasy football matches Adam Carriker has revealed that now he is physically fit to take part in coming fantasy football matches. Also, he added, “I’m still alive. I can still play this game.” So, now get ready to see your favorite player playing at his best. Adam Carriker Ready to Play Fantasy Football


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