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Bruno Boys is a leading online site that provides you with the latest news and updates about the fantasy football matches and the players. Get all the latest news, scores, stats, standings, and updates about the different teams with Bruno Boys.

Devin McCourty to Remain with England Patriots

Devin McCourty to Remain with England Patriots

The most recent update that comes is Devin McCourty to remain with New England patriots. Some reports revealed that patriots are keeping McCourty on a five year $47.5 million contract. It is known to all that McCourty as the patriots defender has always been the successor to Venice Wilfork of the Patriots. The next update that comes from a source of Kansas City’s plans is that Tamba Hali has agreed to restructure his contract that was drafted by the organization in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. Jeremy Maclin and Chief’s coach Andy Reid will be seen officially reunited in the coming time. Sources informed that Maclin is planning to head to Kansas City to sign with the Chiefs, when his talks with Eagle broke down, his attention turned towards the Chiefs.

Tamba Hali Agrees to Restructure his Contract

Tamba Hali Agrees to Restructure his Contract

Another update from the NFL that comes is Mike Nugent has agreed to sign a two year contract and return to Cincinnati Bengals. Also, reports revealed that Nugent would not make it to free agent market as like Matt Prater and Steven Gostkowksi.

Are you also a fan of Fantasy Baseball? Don’t you get time to watch the live match of the same? Are you also fed up of missing these games? No need to worry at all! Several kinds of online portals have launched these days from where you can check out the detailed 2015 Fantasy Baseball rankings and keep yourself up to date for the same.

Troy Tulowitki - Fantasy Baseball Shortstops

Troy Tulowitki – Fantasy Baseball Shortstops

Bruno Boys is one such website that lets you accomplish such needs proficiently. Earlier, this website was only limited to Fantasy Football but not as the growing demand of Fantasy baseball lovers, the same features are now available for Baseball too. The website has become the most favorite amongst Baseball and Football lovers.

Miguel Cabrera - Third Baseman 2015

Miguel Cabrera – Third Baseman 2015

This website lets you be updated not only for 2015 Fantasy Baseball rankings but also for the weekly line ups too. You can check out the line ups and rankings not only for a complete team but about your favorite player too. Everything is mentioned in complete detail over the website that can be checked anytime.

David Ortiz - Designated Hitters 2015

David Ortiz – Designated Hitters 2015

In addition, there is also another feature which is called live chat and radio. There are two hosts that tell you everything about the latest match and if you have missed anything then this comes out to be a perfect option to choose for. So, browse through this website today and keep yourself updated all the times.

Bruno Boys, one of the favorite websites for the Fantasy Football lovers and now you will be surprised to know that the lovers of Fantasy Baseball too can now browse through this website too. Just like the updates for Football, the website has also added baseball to keep the fans up to date, whether it is for rankings, scores or any other thing.

Fantasy Baseball Starting Pichers - Felix Hernandez

Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers – Felix Hernandez

At Bruno Boys, you can keep yourself up to date with latest rankings not only of your favorite team but also about your favorite player too. Moreover, whenever the matches are going on, you are provided with detailed view of the scores and no need to worry if you do not have a television set to watch the live scores.

Fantasy Baseball Ranking Catchers - Jonathan Lucroy

Fantasy Baseball Ranking Catchers – Jonathan Lucroy

In addition, this website has become one of the top rated websites where you can get the live updates whether you are operating the one on your mobile phone or a desktop. The forums have improved a lot to provide the best ever experience to both longtime as well as new readers at this superb sports website Bruno Boys.

First Baseman 2015 - Anthony Rizzo

                First Baseman 2015 – Anthony Rizzo

So, what are you waiting for? You can also simply browse through this website and keep yourself updated with everything like lineups, updates, weekly rankings and many more regarding your favorite baseball team.

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Bruno Boys is the perfect place to browse through in order to get the latest updates about the NFL, fantasy football players, matches etc. We provide you with a live chat feature by our experts helping you to get answers to all your questions regarding your favorite players and matches.

NFL Scouting Combine

          NFL Scouting Combine 2015

The latest from the fantasy football news is Broncos coach Gary Kubaik wants Manning back in Denver. To this, Denver’s new coach was very quick to respond to the questions about the franchise’s intentions. While Manning has remained publicly mum on the topic for the most part, but sources revealed that Manning communicated to the organization that he wants to return to the team for the fourth season.

Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak wants Manning Back

Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak wants Manning Back

The another NFL update comes from the Redskins that finally took a tangible, progressive step forward with the hiring of Scot McCloughhan as General Manager who is a highly respected talent evaluator. He plans to build through the draft, which should be music to ears of local fans who have watched this organization overspend for mediocrity on an annual basis.

Carolina Panthers released veteran safety this Tuesday less than a year after signing him to a two-year deal, as announced by the team. Signed in April, DeCoud was inserted into the starting lineup at the onset of the 2014 season.

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Are you a big fantasy football fan looking for the latest updates of your favorite match? Bruno Boys is all here to provide you with the latest fantasy football news. So this is the time to appreciate your favorite players with us. Get in touch with us at Bruno boys to have a short look on the latest NFL news:

Latest Fantasy Football News

           Latest Fantasy Football News

Mike Wallace, Dolphins GM reportedly have sit down:

The veteran wide receiver ended last season on an ugly note after he pulled himself from the lineup during a Week 17 loss to the Jets.,Wallace, recently met with Dolphins general manager, Dennis Hickey and had a meal together. He failed to play according to the expectations of his fans, but it doesn’t make any difference because he will remain favorite of his fans as he played very well in the last season.

Maike Wallace Dolphins GM Repotdely Have Sit Down

Maike Wallace Dolphins GM Repotdely Have Sit Down

Millionaire Cam Newton makes waves at Auburn in campus return

You must be aware of the achievements of a professional football player, Cam Newton. He won national football championship in 2010 at the University of Auburn and now after the NFL season has been finished, he finally returned to Auburn to complete his degree to give a great surprise to his mates.

Millionaire Cam Newton makes Waves at Aubrn

Millionaire Cam Newton makes Waves at Aubrn

Welcome once again in Super Bowl XLIX latest news 2015 with Bruno Boys Fantasy Football! Finally, we have got our new Super Bowl League Champions, the New England Patriots who have defeated the continuous heart winners Seattle Seahawks with a dramatic 10-points achievement in the last minutes. The whole tournament was filled with lots of excitement, thrill, and adventure, as it seems hard to decide one winner is a tough edge finale.

Super Bowl XLIX Champions 2015

                 Super Bowl XLIX Champions 2015

Still, the Patriots managed to clinch the title for this year NFL Super Bowl Champions, and the last played game is ended on a very high node, which has shown an immense rise in the fantasies among the fans. Here are some headlines that hit hard with the end of this season. Also, have a look at the Super Bowl XLIX Video

NFL Super Bowl XLIX- A most Watched Show in U.S. Television History

The NFL Super Bowl XLIX 2015 has created a new history in the U.S. Television industry by becoming a most watched show ever. The fantasies of people in America had broken all the records of watching a television show, when the viewership peaked at 114.4 million, during the final showdown.

Here are the numbers, courtesy of NBC Sports:

  • 114.4 Million – Super Bowl XLIX, NBC  (Feb. 2015)
  • 112.2 Million – Super Bowl XLIVIII, FOX (Feb. 2014)
  • 111.3 Million – Super Bowl XLVI, NBC (Feb. 2012)
  • 111.0 Million – Super Bowl XLV, FOX (Feb. 2011)
  • 108.7 Million – Super Bowl XLVII, CBS (Feb. 2013)
  • 106.5 Million – Super Bowl XLIV, CBS (Feb. 2010)
  • 98.7 Million – Super Bowl XLIII, NBC (Feb. 2009)
New England Patriots - Super Bowl XLIX Winner

New England Patriots – Super Bowl XLIX Winner

Live Telecast of NFL Super Bowl XLIX Has generated Record Breaking Tweets

The last moment interception of Malcolm Butler from Russell Wilson’s pass with the remaining 20 seconds has created 395,000 tweets per minute on the Twitter, according to the Twitter officials. And, around 379,000 tweets were recorded on the average per minute when the Pats win the final showdown. However, in all the live telecast of NFL Super Bowl has created a new history everywhere.

New England Patriots Vs Seahawks

New England Patriots Vs Seahawks

Thus, for more information and the latest updates about the NFL League, stay connected and stay updated with Bruno Boys!